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Welcome to the Shark and Coral Conservation Trust (SCCT) web site.

It is devoted to the necessity for raising world-wide awareness of the need for the conservation of sharks and coral reef health. The concentration is on an active programme to increase the awareness of the problems and encourage political and diplomatic change.


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Extract from 'Ocean Acidification' - Royal Society - 30th June 2005

Dr Turley said ocean acidification represented potentially a gigantic problem for the world. She added, " It's urgent indeed to warn people what's happening - - many of the marine species we rely on to eat could well disappear. In cartoon terms, you could say people should prepare to change taste and switch from cod and chips to jellyfish and chips".

If you find this video interesting, please go to the following link on the UNEP view on food security:



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Your help to Holly East and Great Barr School have achieved the following happy outcomes:  

100% of the donation proceeds from the 'hollyeast' website were sent on to her. Her resulting dissertation (optimal artificial reef siting) gained a first from Cambridge University.

100% of the donations were sent to Great Barr School to help with access to a Honduras reserve. Great Barr School are currently(July 2011) conducting their research in the area.

Shark Rescue (SR):

75% of the donations to this website have been sent to SR.  SR are conducting a great shark conservation campaign (shark fin DNA testing and providing evidence towards prosecutions in Hong Kong. Their efforts are on going. Any donation help that you can provide will be well spent.  

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  Shark and Coral Conservation - DEEP - Great White Shark

Are we witnessing a gradual process leading inexorably to the total demise of sharks on our coral reefs? Throughout the world sharks are under such intense attack by Man that their numbers have declined to the point where certain species are now threatened with extinction.

The situation in the Red Sea is critical and some areas that were until recently renowned for their richly productive reefs, replete with fish of all sizes, including sharks, have been transformed into desolate habitats where both the coral-reef fish and their primitive predators have been wiped out.

Meanwhile the general public is still being fed the misleading old line that the seas are full of man-eating sharks and we must protect ourselves at all costs from them. 

The fact is that the demise of the sharks will affect the whole eco-system and sea creatures such as oysters, clams and scallops will disappear (see diagram below)

Shark and Coral Conservation - DEEP - cascade diagram

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The Caribbean
As a result of over-fishing and the massive depletion of shark numbers, there has been an increase in algae blooms which, in turn, have stifled coral polyps reproduction. The effect ....


As you may have gathered from the efforts mentioned in 'Latest News' and 'DEEP' menu items, considerable effort has been expended in trying to gain some political,scientific and diplomatic power behind the Shark and Coral Conservation DEEP project. ....


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